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Irumbuzhi, is one of the villages
coming under the Anakkayam
Panchayat. In revenue
department terminology,
Irumbuzhi is one of the Amsams
of the Anakkayam Village. The
area known as Irumbuzhi, spans
between the Kattungal near
Munduparambu and Panayi in
the Malappuram - Manjeri district
Highway. This area includes the
4,5,6,7,8 and 9 wards of the
Anakkayam Panchayat.
The major bus-stop and junction
of Irumbuzhi, is the Irumbuzhi
Post Office junction. Previously
known as Thorappapara, this
junction is the heart of this
village, and is the meeting place
of Manjeri Malappuram Road and
the Irumbuzhi - Pookkottur road.
The other major bustop is the
Alikkaparambu, which is now
known as Mele Irumbuzhi. A new
road is under construction from
this point by the Block
Panchayat, which leads to
Melmuri in the Kozhikode -
Palakkad highway.
The other major points in this
area are the Irumbuzhi
Highschool Jn, Mannampara and
Mannathipara. The neighbouring
areas, which constantly interacts
with Irumbuzhi include Panayi,
Perimbalam, Pappinippara and
Vadakkumuri.The people of these
areas come to Irumbuzhi for
most of their regular businesses.
Irumbuzhi is well connected with
the major centres Manjeri and
Malappuram, with buses flowing
in each direction every 2 or 3
minutes. KSRTC also operates
long distance services through
this route including those to
Ernakulam, Bangalore, Ponnani,
Guruvayoor, Goodallur etc.
Irumbuzhi is blessed with the
proximity of Kadalundi Puzha
which passes through one of the
borders of the Amsam. For
irrigation purposes the people of
Irumbuzhi also depends on the
small streams which passes
through the area, mainly Vakkolli
Thodu and Panayi Thodu.
Irumbuzhi has got a wide range
of commercial establishments, a
Homeo Clinic, a service
Cooperative Bank and a branch
of South Malabar Gramin Bank.
The village Irumbuzhi has got an
Upper Primary School and a High
School. Few LP Schools and
Nursery schools function in the
nearby areas.
Irumbuzhi's population is an
equal distribution of Hindus and
Muslims. Irumbuzhi has been
continuing its reputation of
communal harmony since
centuries. Even in the 1921 riots
when the neighbouring areas
witnessed considerable violence,
Irumbuzhi had remained
peaceful and it continues the
tradition till now. Irumbuzhi has
contributed well to the nation in
terms of NRI payments, it having
a considerable number of Gulf
Malayalees. It has also
contributed a major number of
officers in the Defense forces.

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